'Puppet' by Alaska Thunderfuck

 The Rupaul's Drag Race Superstar Wears Nicopanda Spring '16

Ahead of Alaska Thunderfuck's forthcoming full-length album, Poundcake, the Rupaul's Drag Race alumnus has released "Puppet"—a new single and music video that sees the superstar performing as Lil' Poundcake and seeking revenge on Lower Manhattan after losing to Baby Thunder Thighs in a beauty pageant. 

"I'm not your puppet," Ms. Thunderfuck assures, backed by her two sidekicks, Juicy Liu and Chocolate Puddin. The hilarious trio wreaks havoc on NYC, successfully robbing a bank and running from the NYPD before Lil' Poundcake is finally taken down by a lineup of campy hot pink toy guns—comedic perfection.

Watch, below, as our favorite All Stars contestant plays a Marionette, while wearing Nicopanda spring '16


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