Chloe Mackey

Not only was Chloe Mackey a model in the Diesel Reboot campaign, the host for our live stream of Nicopanda's SS16 presentation but editor of the Opening Ceremony blog! Her outfits are pretty beyond this world so it was more then obvious to reach out and feature her.

PandaBlogger: Hey Chloe! Thanks for talking to us today. We have always loved your style, from your always changing hair colors to your party looks. What are your first thoughts when you pick your outfit?

Chloe Mackey: Usually it's "Fuck, I have to be at work like.. now." My style has definitely gotten more mature and less crazy in the past year or so (I guess a full-time desk job can do that to you!), but it has always been less about thinking and more just seeing what catches my eye. I never really allow myself to change after picking an outfit for the day, because I think a first-instinct choice will always look better than anything that is over contemplated.

PB: Tell us your favorite place to go out in NYC?

CM: I'm definitely way too young to be pulling this card, but I feel like my "going out" days are kind of not a thing anymore! It's a rare sight catching me out of bed after, like, 9 PM lol. If you count bottomless brunch though (which you should), I have actually been congratulated on my drinking ability at Sidewalk Cafe on Ave A.

PB: If you had a one way ticket to anywhere in the world that you have visited or not, where would that be? Why?

CM: I've had Greece on my list for a while, but i'd settle on anywhere where I can drink a lot of wine in a secluded environment.


PB: Imagine you woke up tomorrow being your favorite fictional character, who would you choose?

CM: Adam Sandler in Click, except with more impulse control.

PB: Favorite item of clothing you own? Why do you love it?

CM: There's so many that I have a soft spot for! I have this pair of assless denim chaps that I found at Buffalo Exchange for like $10. They seem to be the product of someone's strange DIY project on a pair of vintage selvedge denim Levi's. Every time I wear them I wonder if the person that made them knew how valuable the jeans were in their original state. Either way, a cool move.

PB: Favorite cartoon growing up?

CM: South Park then, South Park now, South Park forever.

PB: So what's your next hair color?

CM: The green isn't going anywhere! The 3rd anniversary of me dying my hair green is coming up fairly soon, and it's really just what feels natural to me at this point.


Photos by (first to last): Chloe's instagram @chloemackey, Missile Cedeno, Ethan James Green, and Tayler Smith


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