Chapter 1: Nicopanda For All

Since the beginning, Nicopanda has existed for its fans. Through engaging storytelling, our panda was able to capture the hearts and cult-like following our global community. Nicopanda is a creative collective, representing the limitless curiosity to connect words illusory and actual, a unique hybrid of character inspired products, technology and content.

Nicopanda brings the promise of finding the character in you through a global platform of spontaneity, romanticism and self-actualization. The brand is set on 4 core principles: Inclusivity, Wonder, Limitless and Fun, and over the course of the next months, the brand will be launching a 4-part video series based on these values.

Chapter 1: For All

Everyone has a great story to tell, Nicopanda is listening. Nicopanda has no boundaries, a place where individuality and inclusivity reign supreme. For the first Chapter in this story, Nicopanda is highlighting the value of Inclusivity, and its connotations of family, friendship and above all, respect for one another.

In chapter one, we enter the home of a family that decides to change the typical Thanksgiving routine. When social media and text messages take off, the entire family agrees to change the tradition, and lets their true selves shine. The overwhelming sensation of excitement becomes a reality. The setting becomes a true definition of a celebration and inclusivity, with the diverse community of Nicopanda converging onto the scene. Nicola Formichetti, who stars as the Father, rallies the crew around him, where creative self expression, dancing, singing and vogueing become the theme of the night. This gathering is unlike any other.

Directed by Sisters Weekend:


Stay tuned for Chapter 2...


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