I hope you are all ready because the Spring/Summer 16 campaign has been released and this one goes out to Nicola Formichetti's creatives. Teaming with american photographer Christopher Makos, who previously worked with Andy Warhol. The photos embody both worlds of Nicopanda. We sat with Nicola for the inside scoop behind the campaign.

Nicopanda: This collection was all about punks and ballerinas, very different worlds yet the collection mixed so well! What were your thoughts surrounding this campaign?

Nicola Formichetti: The collection is the hard and soft side of Nicopanda. It’s an amalgamation of subcultures which collide into one universe

NP: Tell us about the casting?! We always love how open you are about the importance of diversity.

NF: We have artists Phillipa Horan and Sydney Weisman, model-slash-skater-kid Anthony DeFalco and ET Chong, which are all part of the Nicopanda gang!

NP: When coming up with the concept for this shoot, what were some of the things you both discussed?

NF: This theme of juxtaposition, connecting thread between the collection and each image, all of which fuse punk imagery with softer, romantic elements.

NP: Whats the message behind this campaign?

NF: Fashion is for everyone. It’s genderless, ageless and for people who are free-spirited and want to have fun!

NP: We know you are gearing up for FW16, can you hint us on what to expect?  

NF: Here's a hint, tune into our social ;)


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