Featured Item of the Week: Lingerie Bomber

Nicopanda Spring/Summer 2016 fashion collection is finally here and available to shop! The story behind our bomber is quite interesting and encompasses both our themes: Ballerinas & Punks.

We took the very classic MA-1 bomber jacket style which have been worn by punks and skinheads throughout history, then rendered in washed satin and festooned with ribbons taken from a ballerina’s toe-shoe collection. It was the deconstruction of the classic jacket that give it the official Nicopanda stamp. It was the creation of panels of trapunto stitching to mimic vintage mid century lingerie; we dubbed it the Madonna bomber at first. It was the true philosophy of Nicopanda; subverting streetwear classics, embracing gender fluidity and adding fantasy to the everyday staples. This featured item can be found in many stores worldwide, you can also purchase it right here at our shop.

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