Hot on the heels of our colorful Oliviero Toscani campaign and first Nicopanda fall '16 drop, we're excited to share the second drop of our new collection, which we'll roll out in full over the next month with regular weekly releases. Head over to our online shop now and discover The Character In You, featuring two of our most prized panda friends, Avie Acosta and Richie Moo. Have fun, celebrate yourselves and stay tuned for more drops on 9/29 and 10/6.

 Styled with Panda Pilot Sunglasses, Hamilton Blouse, & Leather Mini Skirt

Styled with Decon Sweater (Dropping 9/29), Deconstructed Joggers, & Black Panda University Fur Ear Fitted Cap


Styled with Black Panda Centric Sunglasses, Metal Head Crewneck, Metal Head Sweatpants, & Multicolor Mini Me Backpack


Styled with Neck Tee (Dropping 10/6), Satin Shift Skirt & Black Selfie Tote (Dropping 10/6)

Styled with Black Panda Centric Sunglasses, Lingerie Bomber, Satin Shift Skirt, & Mini Me Bucket Bag (Dropping 9/29)



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