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Nicola Formichetti's burgeoning brand Nicopanda has joined forces with Champion to create an exclusive capsule collection of basics, from hoodies to joggers and t-shirts. The campaign was shot by Formichetti himself, and sees some familiar faces — Sara Cummings, Matt McMahon — wearing the brand's collaborative looks.

This has become a winning model for Nicopanda, having previously worked with wide-reaching partners Amazon, Urban Outfitters and Hanes to bring Formichetti's subversive perspective to mainstream fashion lovers. It's fast fashion through a high fashion lens, and sold at a price that will allow your Seamless addiction to continue without pause.

Champion has experienced something of a renaissance this year, after a tough period maintaining the massive following they built in the '90s. Now, as nostalgia continues to consume contemporary style, Champion's become the uniform for all demographics, from the hip-hop kids to the punks — universal appeal that echoes Nicopanda's east-meets-west brand DNA."

Original post from Paper Magazine