Nicopanda Creates a Mural on New York City's Lower East Side

Nicopanda has responded to the year’s polarizing politics in the way it knows best—through love and art. With help from MAC Cosmetics and The New Allen, an art foundation transforming the Lower East Side’s Allen Street into a premiere street art gallery, Nicopanda has created a mural featuring Nicola Formichetti’s original Amoeba Panda print and the message, “Love Beyond Borders.”

“Our world feels divisive, right now, so the message of universal inclusivity is very important, and especially because many of our political leaders are suggesting otherwise," Formichetti says. "I believe in Love Beyond Borders, and that’s very much so at the core of Nicopanda.”

To announce their LES mural, Nicopanda has created a short film, starring a cast of New York kids, most notably the rising green-haired rapper Ahsh Eff. Featuring music by Doom Dab’s JX Cannon, the CPX Productions video reflects Nicopanda’s free-spirit, as everyone lets loose together on a rooftop, while wearing tracksuits that match the mural—available for purchase now.