In their second collaboration with King Kong following their astonishing visual story, Postapocalympics, in our Uncanny Issue, photographer Timothy Saccenti and digital manipulator Sam Rolfes present a Nicopanda special, featuring the label’s Autumn/Winter 16 collection.

The collection itself is a swaggering ode to Japanese street style, sashaying deftly between psychotropic fantasy and the essential functionality of streetwear. Bold prints and textures take the lead, flirting with classically elegant details such as ruffles and gothic necklines and then subverting tradition with the addition of faux fur, fishnet and sweats. This collection once again features the whimsical designs of Italian footwear label Metal Gienchi and introduces a new collaboration between Nicopanda and fetishwear brand Nasty Pig.

Timothy Saccenti and Sam Rolfes have been collaborating for a few years now and have honed their unique visual techniques over the course of the partnership, resulting in the unbelievable images featured here. Chicago-based Rolfes has been working closely with Nicopanda on their prints for the past three seasons and, in partnership with the season's Design Director, Tyler Rose, has developed his own visual language from the design cues given him for each season.

Steering clear of fleeting trends within the digital design world, Rolfes takes a design concept such as last season’s "80s Tokyo’ concept and creates multi-layered 3D projections of individual aspects of that theme. The synthesis of these 3-dimensional layers lends a physical potency to the imagery, which resemble filmic animation stills, as opposed to flat images.

Timothy Saccenti’s deeply atmospheric photography lends itself brilliantly to Rolfes manipulation, as evidenced by the pair’s dynamic work together. Their process has become so symbiotic that often Rolfes is manipulating images directly as they reach the monitor on set, with Saccenti shooting live. The pioneering duo represent an entirely original and futuristic way of working, which is why they are such favourites of both Nicopanda and King Kong.


Photography & Digital Manipulation: Timothy Saccenti & Sam Rolfes
Model: Sydney Victoria
Styling & Custom Pieces: Jenni Hensler
Art Direction: Margaux Franco
Prop Stylist: Andrea Huelse
Makeup: Laura Stiassni | The Wall Group (using Dior)
Hair: Katie Schember
Production: Steven Graf
Digital Retouching: Q Studios
All Pieces: Nicopanda

This article originally appeared on KING KONG