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Behind Designer Sam Rolfes' Pre-Fall '16 Graphics

Step inside Nicopanda's orbit, where *:・゚universal love and liberation *:・゚ are limitless, as you explore our growing galaxy and ultimately discover the Character in You. For pre-fall '16, Nicopanda's evolution took a darker, high-octane direction, recruiting designer Sam Rolfes to create a lineup of prints inspired by punk zines, frenetic energy and this season's orange, coral and black faux fur. Below, Rolfes takes us behind his process for each.  



"The series of ripped up, gnarled Xerox forms came from taking torn and recollaged scans of dusty fetish and punk zines I had laying around from various shops in Chicago. I injected them into several deformed, upsetting figure studies that I'd been playing around with ever since working on an ultimately unsuccessful but entertaining project for Hopes & Fears last year." 

Appears on the Nicopanic Centered Print Tee & Nicopanic Negative Print Tee


"The repeating typographic Nicopanic design emerged from the background of the 'teeth' print series, above. I'd been plastering the digital walls behind the abstracted figures in the 'teeth' designs with wheatpaste-like repeating tiles, or posters, as I'd come to think of them. During my experimentation with getting the Nicopanda logo to lie back as an even pattern, and attempting to get it to frenetically flow in and out of itself like anxious vines, the motif came to life." 

Appears on the Hamilton Blouse, Ruffle Skirt, Nicopanic Shift Skirt, Snap Off Dress & Tulle Tunic


"The series of twisted, semi-translucent fur imagery that the final print was selected from was developed while referencing the spiked Faux Fur Bomber. I pushed past the realm of reality slightly into a tenuous balance between romantic, naturalistic fibers and digital distortion. The print was created by building each of the fibers in clumps and then twisting them around into loose, fraying cords 'by hand' as one might do IRL."

Appears on the Fur Print Hoodie & Fur Print Sweatpants. 



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